Submission Guidelines

TheRaymondo is an online and print journal. Submissions are OPEN until they’re closed. All work submitted is eligible for online publication.

Read the guidelines. We are never joking.

The online journal is rolling: we’ll put up work as it comes in. The print journal is once-yearly. For our inaugural issue, please submit only work inspired by, influenced by or even about RAYMOND. That means Carver, Chandler, Romano, only. If there is another Raymond of which we aren’t thinking of , tell us in your submission. Do not submit anything  not-inspired by/not-influenced by/not-about RAYMOND. You will be swiftly and cursorily rejected.

Future issues, such as Queen (Latifah, Elizabeth), will be similarly focused.

Please submit only one RAYMOND piece at a time. For poetry, you may submit one-five poems.

We welcome submissions by diverse voices. We may have three white men as our inspiration, but we don’t want submissions from only cis-white-straight-men. We want to include everyone in RAYMOND, just as RAYMOND accepts all into RAYMOND’s bosom. Future inspirations will not be only white dudes.

We would love to pay you, but we can’t afford it, so we’re not going to. Instead, contributors will receive a copy of the print journal when it comes out.

Simultaneous submissions are very Raymond. Not telling us when something is accepted elsewhere is un-Raymond.

No previously published work.

Email correspondence may be unprofessional. We make no apologies. Email attachments to